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About Briqpay

Briqpay is a SaaS that delivers end-to-end solutions from new customer registration to checkout and insights. It includes data validation, credit checks, and customized flows and offering.

About Solar

Solar is a service and sourcing partner in HVAC and similar industries. With its headquarters in Denmark and over 3000 employees globally Solar is one of the European leaders in its industry.

“2022 and onwards has it never been more important with a “digital first” approach. We make sure that our services and solutions meet the expectations of the customer today, and at the same time prepare for future demands. To always be at the forefront and ensure that our digital business becomes better, smarter, and easier internally and externally is one of our main focuses.”

Linus Rogersson, E-business specialist at Solar Sweden.


Long application process and a lot of administration in connection with a new application.


Briqpay registration product automates the application process and validates the data required.


Faster application process for the customer and less administration internally.


“For those who want to drive traffic towards digital channels I recommend reviewing the new customer registration process from A to Z, both the front-end experience towards the customers as well as the internal process. Make sure the customer can apply easily, with high security, and with as few obstacles as possible.”

Linus Rogersson, E-business specialist at Solar Sweden.


Solar was in need of an easier and more secure process for new customer registrations for their eCommerce.

They had identified that some parts of their previous registration process created friction for the customer, which led to a more time-consuming application.

They needed to improve the customer experience and at the same time cut manual labor internally without losing control of the data validation.


Briqpay’s registration product was an ideal solution to meet the needs and requests from Solar.

With Briqpay’s innovative solution Solar could start using the service without a technical integration.

With Briqpay hosted page for the registration process Solar could start offering seamless customer applications without further investment in the eCommerce platform or other systems.


An automated customer registration process that eliminates steps for the customer.

Starting to use Briqpay’s registration products has led to a seamless customer journey, quicker processes, and less administration internally.

All data is validated, qualified, and presented in a streamlined way at one endpoint.


– Sweden

– Address collection
– Verified company data
– Credit check
– Solar-adjusted flow
  – Custom fields
  – Drop down menus
– Strong authentication


– Briqpay’s hosted page, a solution to automate the application process without a technical integration.

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