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Founded in 2020 in Sweden by an experienced FinTech team. Briqpays’ vision is to make B2B sales accessible and, seamless online. With flexible and smart solutions we aim to change B2B e-commerce.

Mats Andersson

CEO, Co-founder

Mats has a background from Klarna working within technical sales and integrations, both for the Nordic market and the global scene with a focus on how to seamlessly integrate Klarna’s products. Prior to Klarna Mats worked within streaming and hosting at Qbrick. With a technology-first mindset. Mats aim to change how businesses purchase online with a range of new products.

Sara Johansson

CGO, Co-founder

Sara has worked within FinTech for the last couple of years. Most recently from Bambora where she was the Channel Sales Manager for Bamboras online products in Sweden, and team lead for the Nordic Channel Sales team. She has also been at Klarna where she has had several positions within the sales department. Delivering value and innovation to the customer is what drives her.

Björn Widerström Briqpay

Björn Widerström

CCO, Co-founder

Björn has worked several years within payments at Klarna, primarily with a focus on the Nordic market. He also has experience in building e-commerce for Laura Ashley during the time he was the Managing Director in Scandinavia. After that, he moved on to set up an electronics eCommerce business with global sales. Björn has a solution-orientated mindset, if there is a problem there is often a solution.

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How everything started

After several years within fintech, especially from the consumer eCommerce industry, we noticed that the demand for customer-oriented business-to-business solutions was lacking on the market.

There’s a lot of payment providers around the world who all solve something in the chain, but not as a whole. Therefore we founded Briqpay, a simple integration platform with a lot of flexibility. Where you can connect all your systems, payment methods, and other solution into one point of contact.

Our goal is to revolutionize B2B eCommerce by providing simple, scalable, and seamless products. Changing B2B eCommerce.

Creating a custom solution

The sales- and internal processes look different in most business-to-business companies. And what works today might be changed tomorrow, especially in the fast-moving digital world.

Therefore is flexibility, scalability, and custom solutions are a focus for us towards our goal.

Our motto is “One size doesn’t fit all”, and are therefore trying to deliver fully flexible solutions.

We believe that smart and adjustable technical solutions are the key to success for B2B eCommerce.

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