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Is there something you would like to ask us? There is a good chance that you will find the answer in our FAQ list. But if not, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Briqpay?

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Briqpay functions as the technical layer between your e-commerce platform and payment suppliers.

Our solution enables you to expand into new markets, cater to customer preferences, manage payment transaction fees, and ensure a seamless payment flow. All this is achieved through Briqpay's independent platform, seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.

Briqpay empowers you to have control of the payment journey by seamlessly connecting to various services through a single API connection.

Is Briqpay a PSP (Payment service provider)?

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No, Briqpay operates independently from PSPs. It acts as a technical layer between your website, e-commerce platform, app, cashier, or digital payment screen and the payment service provider(s). Our platform offers an autonomous and adaptable solution, empowering you to connect with numerous payment service providers, acquirers, and alternative payment methods.

Explore our available payment suppliers here.

What markets and regions does Briqpay operate in?

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Briqpay can integrate payment service providers globally; just let us know your requirements, and we'll integrate them for you.

How do I integrate Briqpay into my existing systems?

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Integrate directly with our API. We provide free support during your integration process. See our developer page for more detailed information.

What are the pricing models for Briqpay's services?

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Briqpay charges a monthly platform fee and a fixed small fee per transaction. Pricing is individually set based on yearly transaction volumes.

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