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Briqpays is an integration platform, offering a B2B checkout solution that comes with a wide flexibility to cater to all kinds of needs.
Customize the checkout look, fields, and payment methods to fit into your business. While providing a seamless user experience for your customers.

Seamless user experience to increase conversion. It should be easy to purchase.

Any desired payment method locally or globally. Including your own invoice.

Instant credit lookups as an option. To easily have control of your credit exposure.

Analyze the checkout user data. Perform A/B testing to improve the checkout flow.

Local or global

With only one integration you get access to any desired payment methods locally or globally. An easy way to scale your business into new markets while increasing customer satisfaction by offering local payment methods.

"Integrating Briqpay has been a game-changer. No more administration when it comes to credit lookups and manually sending invoices. A more seamless experience has also given me happier customers and more sales."
Ted Hagen

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Create your own checkout experience adjusted after your business and requirements. Seamless, flexible & agile.


An easy registration flow for selling goods or services in a logged in state. Customize the flow to fit your needs.

Easy accounting

Several payment methods comes with several settlement reports. Briqpay aggregates these reports into one file.


Learn how your customers interact with parts of your site. Take strategic desicions based on data.

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