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The optimization platform to transform the world of payments

We specialize in streamlining payment integrations for e-commerce merchants, reducing technical debt, and providing unparalleled flexibility. Our mission is to empower merchants with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Simply put – we believe in unleashing your online business’ true potential.

Seamless Integrations

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy flexibility with seamless access to diverse payment options, avoiding reliance on a single provider. Provide customers with a wide array of choices for their purchases.

Data Is King

Empower your business by retaining ownership of your customers' shopping data. With Briqpay, you control and utilize valuable insights to drive growth and customer satisfaction.



Streamlined Integrations

Briqpay's Payment Module simplifies payment integrations, thereby reducing technical complexity and saving time when adding new payment options.

Streamlined Integrations

Reduced Technical Debt

By outsourcing the time spent on payment method maintenance to Briqpay, you can spend valuable time and resources on growing instead.

Reduced Technical Debt

Vendor Independence

Freedom is flexibility. Add, remove, or change payment providers immediately, without reintegrating.

Elimination  of Vendor Dependency

Cost Optimization

We've observed that merchants can save anywhere from 25-75% on transaction fees by examining their payment mix.

Cost Optimization

With Briqpay, you’re empowered to improve your payment processes, boost conversion rates, and drive revenue growth.



Simplicity is our mantra. With our Payment Optimization Platform, adding or changing payment methods has never been easier. One integration is all it takes, and we handle the rest. Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining multiple integrations and managing technical complexities.

 Let us guide you on how it works.


Choose Your Payment Providers

We understand that you may already have a strategy in mind for the payment options you want to offer in each market, or perhaps you're seeking our expert advice. Whatever your approach, the journey begins with selecting the payment options that align with your business goals. Whether you're looking to expand your reach or optimize your existing setup, we're here to guide you every step of the way. From choosing the right payment methods to navigating the technical aspects, we've got you covered. Let's embark on this journey together.


Set Up Providers

Our platform empowers you to maintain complete control over the commercial relationships with payment providers. Whether you have existing agreements in place or are negotiating new ones, we ensure that you're never locked in. With Briqpay, you have the flexibility to adapt and optimize your supplier setup to best suit your business needs without worrying about the complexity of handling several providers.


Evaluate Performance

With Briqpay's Insights tool, you can easily measure and evaluate the performance of your payment flows, giving you valuable insights on what can be tweaked for increased performance, whether the goal is to improve conversion, or reduce costs. By setting rules tailored to your specific metrics and goals you can make informed decisions and implement changes that drive higher conversions, and reduce costs, and maximize your business's potential.



Market-Specific Rules

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Ensuring the right payment methods are available in each market is crucial for seamless transactions, improved conversion, and in many cases cost optimization. Whether it's through direct agreements or routed through a processor like Adyen, Stripe, we’ve got you covered. We recommend categorizing your payment strategy based on: - Focus markets with direct agreements with local payment providers. - Growth markets with local payment providers through direct agreements or via processors. - Presence markets where you are selling but not actively targeting (e.g., card and PayPal markets). This strategic segmentation ensures that your payment solutions align perfectly with market dynamics, while maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Control of Payment Order

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Customizing the order of your payment methods adds another layer of sophistication to the checkout process. Whether you choose to use static or dynamic ordering, the goal remains the same: providing an exceptional shopping experience for all types of customers. For example, adjusting the payment order based on previous usage data ensures that preferred payment options are prominently featured. This not only enhances user experience but also minimizes the risk of cart abandonment, contributing to higher conversion rates. If instead you want to highlight payment methods that have a lower transaction cost, you can feature them higher up to reduce costs.

Personalized Buying Experience

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Building customer loyalty hinges on delivering personalized experiences. By tailoring the purchasing journey to individual preferences, you can create a higher level of engagement. Utilizing techniques such as tokenization of payment methods for a one-click-buy experience, or by prioritizing preferred payment options based on past choices adds a touch of familiarity and convenience, building long-term relationships with your customers. Or take it one step further and enable some payment methods for customers that have registered an account.

Cost Management

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Taking control of costs is essential for sustainable growth. Briqpay simplifies this process by eliminating technical burdens of reintegrations, and providing vendor independence. Adding payment providers with a single click streamlines operations, while giving you more leverage during negotiations, ensuring optimal solutions at competitive prices. Leveraging Briqpay's rule engine enables real-time optimization of payment flows, allowing you to adjust the payment mix based on parameters like cart value or product types, effectively managing costs without compromising service quality.

Cart-Related Rules

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Tailoring payment methods based on cart contents addresses specific challenges, such as long delivery times or high-risk products. By displaying relevant payment options for different scenarios, you make sure that you have the right payment methods available for every order.

A/B Testing

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Experimentation is key to unlocking potential improvements. Conducting A/B tests on payment providers, payment mixes, layouts, and more provides valuable insights into consumer behavior. By measuring outcomes and iterating based on results, you can continuously refine your offering, maximizing conversion rates and overall performance.

API-Based Rules

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In today's fast-paced environment, having the flexibility to adapt and control your processes is crucial. Therefore, the rule engine is not only controlled on our side, but also through our API. This means that for any session you create, you can in real time choose which payment methods should be available for that specific customer.

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Jessica Söderlindh

Sales manager B2B


“Choosing Briqpay as a partner felt very natural to us; we share a vision of flexibility and scalability. Being able to conduct our corporate sales in a way that suits us while simultaneously offering our corporate customers the best possible buying experience.”



Martin Hanner

Digital Commerce manager


“Thanks to Briqpay, we've effortlessly localized the payment experience for our customers across multiple countries. It's been a game-changer for our global expansion.”



Daniel Gharavi

Head of eCommerce


“Partnering with Briqpay is a strategic step for our expansion. Their solution liberates us from vendor ties, providing the flexibility needed for our growth. The potential savings on transaction fees give us the financial edge to power our continued expansion.”



Mikael Rickmark

CPO Barnebys Group


“Briqpay streamlines payments on the Skeleton platform, letting us focus on our core business without the hassle of managing multiple payment integrations across markets.”