Automated B2B Registration Form

Get validated data, company information, run an automated credit check, e-signature, industry filtering – it’s never been easier.

Address collection
Credit check
Validated data

Create an account in 3 simple steps

B2B Registration form

Perform an instant address lookup and/or credit check at the point of receiving the organization number.

B2B Registration form address collection

Decide on extra fields or information that’s required for the customer to fulfill their registration.

B2B Registration form register

You will receive packaged, validated data instantly when the customer creates the account.

B2B Registration – Simple

Segment Filtering

Only sell to customers within a specific industry? We’ll check the company industry and applies filters for you.


Apply your own look and feel to the flow, add forms for extra data collection. Your customers – your application.

Rule Configuration

Be in control of the application process and user experience by applying rules. The rules control the B2B registration results, fully automated.


Address Collection

Automated address collection for your customers. You get validated company information.

Instant Credit Check

Automated credit check, apply your own business rules to be in full control of your credit exposure, fully digitalized.


Need extra safety in form of validation? We’ll trigger an e-signature from the user or the authorized signatory.

World-Class Registration

With Briqpay’s B2B registration form you can add a seamless registration to your application process. Creating an account has never been easier.

The registration process differs depending on the industry, market and, other business-critical assessments. Therefore our solutions come with wide flexibility and lots of functionality.

Get validated data, company information, run an automated credit check, e-signature, industry filtering – you’re in control.

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