Credit check


How Briqpay works with credit checks

When providing your organization number in the Briqpay checkout process, Briqpay may perform a customary credit check. The purpose of the credit check is to present you with the relevant payment methods based on your company’s credit limit, to save you time, and give you the best customer experience. The credit check is performed by Briqpay together with an external credit check provider, on behalf of the merchant you’re buying your services/products from. The information from the credit check is not shared with any company outside of Briqpay.

If credit options are denied will you be able to purchase with other payment options, decided by the specific merchant.

If credit is approved you will be able to purchase on invoice, provided by the merchant you’re buying from – or any third-party suppliers decided by that specific merchant. Terms and conditions will be presented before you complete your purchase in the checkout process.

Sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, or limited partnership

When using Briqpay’s services with one of the following Swedish entities: Sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership or limited partnership you will always be notified (According to the Swedish law) by mail to your registered company address, or digital mail through Kivra.

A credit check does not affect your company’s credit scoring.

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