B2B Payment System

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B2B Payment System

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Flexibility is the key to success

Briqpay B2B payment system comes with wide flexibility and caters to all business scenarios. Choose any desired B2B payment method, on any market – we’ll take care of the integration and maintenance. With a single configuration, you can easily add, change or remove payment methods and be in full control of your user experience. Our address collection and automated credit lookups give your customers a seamless checkout experience while saving you lots of time. We help you create a local experience when scaling into a new market. Growing your business has never been easier.

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We help you create a seamless checkout experience on all devices.

Briqpay Custom


Choose your own design, fields, and, payment methods.

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Customer insights

Get to know your customers with our customer insights dashboard.

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Payment methods

Choose any desired payment method with a single configuration, which helps you create your own B2B Checkout.

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Control Exposure

By applying instant credit lookups and credit rules you can be in full control of your online credit exposure.

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User Experience

Take control of the customer experience. Create flows adjusted for markets or customers.

B2B Payment System – For all your needs

Address Collection

Remove any problems for the customer by introducing address collection.

Credit Check

Be in control of your credit exposure by applying instant credit checks.

Payment methods

Choose any desired B2B payment methods, locally or globally – Including your own invoice.


Control the user experience by using our simple configuration rule system.


Choose the color, font, and fields for your checkout. So it fits into your branding


Deliver a seamless user experience on all devices.

Jessica Söderlindh

Sales manager B2B


“Choosing Briqpay as a partner felt very natural to us; we share a vision of flexibility and scalability. Being able to conduct our corporate sales in a way that suits us while simultaneously offering our corporate customers the best possible buying experience.”



Martin Hanner

Digital Commerce manager


“Thanks to Briqpay, we've effortlessly localized the payment experience for our customers across multiple countries. It's been a game-changer for our global expansion.”



Daniel Gharavi

Head of eCommerce


“Partnering with Briqpay is a strategic step for our expansion. Their solution liberates us from vendor ties, providing the flexibility needed for our growth. The potential savings on transaction fees give us the financial edge to power our continued expansion.”



Mikael Rickmark

CPO Barnebys Group


“Briqpay streamlines payments on the Skeleton platform, letting us focus on our core business without the hassle of managing multiple payment integrations across markets.”