Briqpay Fortnox Integration

Use Briqpay B2B Checkout to instantly create invoices in Fortnox!

  • By using the Fortnox through Briqpay B2B Checkout you get a seamless connection to your invoicing and bookeeping system.
  • The connection automatically creates invoices on new purchases and insures that your inventory is updated with each new sale!
  • New invoices can be matched with existing customers in fortnox, even when the customer havn’t logged in!

About Briqpay

Briqpay is a technical solution that delivers great user experiences for business-to-business sales online.

Use Briqpays software and API’s to create a seamless customer experience and automate your payment flow, on all markets.

About Fortnox

Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform so that small business owners and accounting firms can manage their finances and administration effectively. The platform is the market leader in Sweden. It also gives customers access to financial services and corporate insurance. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Växjö. The share is listed on NGM Nordic MTF. For further information see

How to connect

If you don’t already have a briqpay account, you can quickly create one here:

Secondly, simply login to your Fortnox dashboard and add the Briqpay integration through the AppMarket

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