Integrate Briqpay registration form

Integration of the Briqpay Signup is easily achieved by a few steps

  1. Create a signup session by defining the country and locale for the customer towards POST /signup/v1/session
  2. Render the snippet that is returned to you
  3. Once Briqpay notifies your of a signupattempt, read the data by GET /signup/v1/session
  4. Approve the request by sending POST /signup/v1/hooks/validated to briqpay and create an account in your preffered CRM system

The flow is explained in more detail in the flowchart below:

CustomerMerchantBriqpayGo to /register[POST] /signup/v1/sessionHere is snippet detailsHere you get the iframePresent widget with iframeAdds data to registration formCompletes registrationPost Registration notification[GET] /signup/v1/sessionsRegistration DetailsValidates data[POST] /signup/v1/hooks/validated{ result: true/false }CustomerMerchantBriqpaySignup Sequence Diagram

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