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Key Performance Indicators


The comparison within the widgets shows how the data performed compared to the previous time span. So if you’re looking at the past 7 days, the comparison will be for the 7 days prior to the current 7 day span, which would be day 8-15 for example.


The Orders KPI shows you the amount of orders that have gone through to completion for the applied filters.

Average order value

The average total value of the carts for completed orders for the applied filters.

Total sales

The total amount of all completed orders for the applied filters.

Checkout conversion

Conversion in Briqpay Insights starts counting when a user interacts with the checkout in any way for the first time. If they click on it, type something or any type of interaction. This is done in order to avoid counting started checkouts where the customer may not have seen it on their screen as the checkout is usually the last part of the customer journey. The conversion you see will be based on this first number compared to the amount of completed orders. Filter will not be applied for this widget. Selecting a payment method would always give you 100% conversion in the widget, since the payment methods differ for each checkout session and they are not applied until the end of the flow.

Average total checkout time

This widget will display the average time it takes for a customer to complete their order from the point of their first interaction with the checkout until the order is complete, also based on the applied filters.

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