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Briqpay Launches A B2B Registration Product To Streamline E-Commerce

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PRESS RELEASE28 January 2021, Stockholm: Two months after the announcement of the investment round and the launch of their checkout,  Briqpay has created a new product. An automated registration product with verified and validated data;  the purpose of the product is to cut manual handling while creating a user-friendly,  and efficient process for both the sellers and buyers.

Briqpay is a Swedish start-up that offers frictionless sales and buying experiences for online companies.  In 2020, they launched their checkout solution, fully adapted for sales online. The checkout solution is a flexible and scalable solution allowing the merchant to combine their own invoice with optional alternative payment methods, locally or globally. By applying different types of rules based on a credit decision, the merchant can easily manage their risk assessment without manual labor. The rule framework gives the merchant the opportunity to control the purchase experience based on customer type.

“We want to eliminate manual processes and allow for more accurate business decisions, enabling the buyer to receive a service similar to what they experience in a consumer webshop,” states Sara Johansson, co-founder and Sales Manager at Briqpay.

One of the major friction points Briqpay has identified is the account creation process in e-commerce.  This process can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks before the application has been processed by the merchant. By automating the application process and giving the merchant validated data, we can shrink this time to seconds.

Briqpay’s vision is to challenge the way online sales between companies are handled today, by removing manual processes and creating a seamless shopping experience. The launch of the new product is another step towards a frictionless customer journey between companies. The red line in Briqpay’s range of products is flexibility and scalability. As well as the ability to own and control the purchase experience through Briqpay’s framework.“We have identified this for a simple registration experience. During the last couple of weeks, we have worked intensely to finalize the product, and I am very proud of what we have accomplished. The product launch will cover the Nordic Market and will expand to the rest of Europe during Q1,” states Mats Andersson, co-founder and Technology Manager at Briqpay.

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