One checkout - all payment methods

Personalized user journey

The sky is the limit..

By providing a simple toolbox, Briqpay allows you to custom your own checkout experience – adjusted after your business requirements and needs.

  • Decide on font, color, and even the checkout flow.
  • Decide on what information should be collected.
  • Add any desired payment methods, on any market, including your own invoice.
  • Optional credit lookups.
  • Apply rules to control the flow and your credit exposure.
  • Control alternative shipping address.
  • Easily adjust after market changes and customer desires.

Seamless 3 step checkout

1. Enter company registration number

Your customer enters their company registration number. Briqpay offers an instant address lookup for a seamless customer experience

2. Enter contact

Your customer just needs to enter their "Top of mind" information - Name, phone, and e-mail address.

3. Choose payment method

The customers just need to choose how to pay, from the payment methods you've chosen (including your own invoice).


How does it work?

Integrate Briqpays API into your webshop. Our documentation and integration experts help you be up and running quickly...

...Choose between a variety of B2B payment methods, tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to have a local experience globally...

...Learn how your customers interact with your checkout. Use the data to improve the checkout flow and increase conversion!

Payment methods

Briqpay is an integration platform to fully support for all your needs in the sales process. Briqpay doesn’t offer any payment methods by default but instead lets you choose what payment method or payment provider you want to offer your customers. Including a direct integration for your own invoice.

Address lookup

Briqpay eliminates the amount of steps in the checkout process with instant address lookups. The customer just enter their company registration number.

Address information is prefilled for returning customers to create an even more seamless buying experience.

Credit lookup

In most markets can Briqpay provide instant credit lookup. This, as everything else, is an option of your choice.

Control who to provide credit to by introducing rule configuration.

Rule configuration

Control your credit exposure by offering credit to the right customer, based on an instant credit check.
Decide how the checkout should behave with a separate shipping/billing address.

Use rules to create a personalized user experience.

Easy accounting

Offering several payment methods will include the same number of settlement reports, a hassle for the accounting department. Briqpay gathers all the reports and provides them to you in one file and one format. Hassle-free.


0-1199 transactions per year
750 Monthly
  • 1 website
  • Up to 3 payment methods
  • Up to 3 selling countries
  • Unlimited amount of credit lookups*
  • Limited back office functionality
  • Rule configuration


1200-4799 transactions per year
1500 Monthly
  • Up to 3 websites
  • Up to 6 payment methods
  • Up to 6 selling countries
  • Unlimited amount of credit lookups*
  • Full back office functionality
  • Rule conficuration
  • Customer data


From 4800 transactions per year
  • Everything in Business plus:
  • Unlimited amount of websites
  • Unlimited amount of payment methods
  • Unlimited amount of selling countries
  • Unlimited amount of credit lookups*
  • Aggregated settlement report
  • White lable

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